Cryptos: 16,011
Exchanges: 259
Dominance: BTC: 44.65% ETH: 19.31%
ETH Gas: 33 Gwei
  • Low: 33 Gwei
  • Average: 33 Gwei
  • High: 37 Gwei
  • Data from Etherscan.
24H Spot Vol: $50,300,874,405.26
24H Derivatives Vol: $91,471,666,548.83
Global Open Interest: $42,087,835,833.37
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Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Live Price and charts Today

1 Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Price Today in USD is $0.00008474

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) = $0.00008474 USD

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) all-time high (ATH) is $116.46 USD

The maximum supply of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is Unknown

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) 24h volume is $14.50 Million(s) USD

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Market Cap is $496.37 Million(s) USD

$0.00008474 -0.58% -$0.0000004943
= 0.000000003126 BTC (-1.20%) | = 0.000000044820 ETH (-1.95%)
Low: $0.00008433 High: $0.00008581
  • Market Cap $496,365,577
  • Fully Diluted Valuation -
  • 24H Spot Volume $14,497,406
  • 24H Volume / Market Cap 0.03 (-25.00%)
  • Circulating Supply 5,857,730,952,483
  • Total Supply 6,849,549,655,372
  • Max Supply -
  • Project Start Date 2019 Apr
  • 1H -0.37%
  • 24H -0.58%
  • 7D -0.52%
  • 30D -17.29%
  • 90D -43.84%
  • 180D -52.16%
  • 1 Y -15.81%
  • YTD -43.46%

What is Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

LUNC stands for Terra Luna Classic. Luna Classic is the original Terra blockchain's native coin left behind LUNA after Terra rebranded to Terra 2.0 and the collapse of UST/LUNA. Terra is a decentralized blockchain based on Cosmos founded by Do Kwon in 2018, hosting stablecoins on its network. By TokenInsight Research

What is the utility of $LUNC?

What is $LUNC?

Tokens in Terra's ecosystem are represented by two token types: a family of Terra stablecoins and Luna.

LUNA represents the mining power of the network of Terra stablecoins. The Terra Protocol runs on a delegated Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain, where miners need to stake a native cryptocurrency Luna to mine Terra transactions.

The family of Terra stablecoins are each pegged to the world’s major currencies. The protocol issues Terra currencies pegged to USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, GBP, KRW, and the IMF SDR over time. More currencies will be added to the list by user voting.

What is the initial token distribution of $LUNC?

Terra Core facilitates the creation of many fiat-pegged currencies, facilitated by Luna the staking token. The genesis issuance of Luna is 1 billion, with initial allocations broken down in accordance with the following:

Terraform Labs (10%): Used to facilitate the research & development of the Terra Project. can be found in the accounts/terraform-labs directory. Terraform Labs also holds an additional 4.5% of the LUNA supply on behalf of investors who did not clear KYC in time for their token sale, and thus manually claim tokens for Terraform Labs rather than having their tokens programmatically vest from the genesis block.

Employees & Contributor Pool (20%): Used to compensate employees and contributors of the project. Some part of the coins have already been granted, and can be found in the accounts/employees directory. Currently 4.7% of this pool has been granted.

Terra Alliance (20%): The Terra Alliance is key to driving early adoption and usage for Terra. We will be using this pool to set incentives, mainly marketing discount programs (such as coupons for users) and volume incentives for alliance partners. Terraform Labs will be playing custodian for this pool, taking input from the community to best allocate resources from this pool.

Stability Reserves (20%): Bootstrapping stablecoins is no easy feat, with threats to the peg coming from every adversarial angle. Stability reserves will be to manage the network's early stability close to genesis.

Genesis liquidity (4%): 4% of Luna will be made available to the market close to genesis to allow everyday users to use and interact with it.

Investors (26%):

In order to finance the development of the Terra Project, Terraform Labs held three token sales:

  • Seed-sale: 16 cents per Luna, sold ~192M tokens. Lockup 10 - 18 months, with 30% early liquidity.
  • Private-sale: 80 cents per Luna, sold ~18M tokens. Lockup 3 months, with 6 months linear vest thereafter.

Terra also minted 1 billion SDT (SDR stablecoin) at genesis. This SDT reserve exists to augment Terra's stability mechanism. Core to Terra's stability mechanism is the swapping of stablecoins to Luna - and while this is effective in normal conditions, when there is large changes in stablecoin demand in either direction the cost for the swap increases significantly: swap fees increase quadratically as one side of the fee is favored (and normalizes back over time), so in times of rapid demand change the fee goes up significantly, which makes it difficult to accommodate payment operations requiring a very tight spread. During times like this Terraform Labs swaps SDT to KRT and sells that for KRW to Chai. When Chai merchants settle out, Terraform Labs maintains that KRW in a fiat reserve to buy back KRT.

Terra Luna Classic $LUNC Funding History
Private Sale - Feb, 28, 2019  Token Sale

Valuation Funding Amount Token Price
- $14.50M $0.800000
Seed - Oct, 31, 2018  Token Sale

Valuation Funding Amount Token Price
- $23.00M $0.230000
3 - May, 31, 2018  Token Sale

Valuation Funding Amount Token Price
- $10.00M $0.100000
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Key Metrics
  • Price $0.00008474
  • 24H Change% -0.58%
  • 24H Spot Volume $14,497,405.84
  • L/H (Today) $0.00008433 / $0.00008581
  • ATH $116.46 2022-04-05
  • Market Cap $496,365,576.84
  • Circulating Supply 5,857,730,952,482.51
  • Max Supply -
  • L/H (Yesterday) $0.00008241 / $0.00008527
  • Yesterday's Change +1.05%
  • Yesterday's Volume $17,250,415.46
  • L/H (7D) $0.00008241 / $0.00008881
  • L/H (30D) $0.00008259 / $0.00010692
  • L/H (90D) $0.00008259 / $0.00015075
  • 7D's Volume $128,523,041.60