Cryptos: 16,056
Exchanges: 259
Dominance: BTC: 44.98% ETH: 19.51%
ETH Gas: 27 Gwei
  • Low: 26 Gwei
  • Average: 27 Gwei
  • High: 29 Gwei
  • Data from Etherscan.
24H Spot Vol: $50,313,210,012.98
24H Derivatives Vol: $152,259,727,884.67
Global Open Interest: $40,213,410,952.49
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Polymesh (POLYX) Live Price and charts Today

1 Polymesh (POLYX) Price Today in USD is $0.130434

Polymesh (POLYX) = $0.130434 USD

Polymesh (POLYX) all-time high (ATH) is $0.510093 USD

The maximum supply of Polymesh (POLYX) is Unknown

Polymesh (POLYX) 24h volume is $11.17 Million(s) USD

Polymesh (POLYX) Market Cap is $100.52 Million(s) USD

Polymesh POLYX
$0.130434 +3.06% + $0.003878
= 0.000004864188 BTC (-0.82%) | = 0.000069505524 ETH (+0.03%)
Low: $0.125860 High: $0.131573
  • Market Cap $100,519,654
  • Fully Diluted Valuation -
  • 24H Spot Volume $11,173,621
  • 24H Volume / Market Cap 0.11 (+37.50%)
  • Circulating Supply 770,657,281
  • Total Supply 770,657,281
  • Max Supply -
  • Project Start Date 2021 Oct
  • 1H +0.76%
  • 24H +3.06%
  • 7D -9.00%
  • 30D -17.96%
  • 90D -13.80%
  • 180D -21.89%
  • 1 Y -
  • YTD +8.86%

What is Polymesh (POLYX)

Polymesh is an institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. By TokenInsight Research
  • face Chris Housser Head of Strategy

    Chris Housser is the Head of Strategy for the Polymesh Association, a not-for-profit entity dedicated to the growth of the Polymesh protocol and ecosystem. He’s also the Co-Founder of Polymath, the security token technology platform which developed the open-source code for Polymesh.

    Prior to Polymath, Chris was a lawyer in downtown Toronto for 4 years. He became fascinated with the blockchain space in 2013 at approximately the same time he started his legal career. Chris advised and assisted many blockchain projects over the years and left the practice of law in early 2017 to pursue crypto full-time.

  • face Adam Dossa Head of Blockchain

    Adam Dossa graduated from Oxford University in 2001 and began his career building out trading, risk, and regulatory infrastructure for Morgan Stanley. In 2012, Adam took a sabbatical to study for a Masters in Machine Learning at Columbia, focused on statistical learning models and computational learning theory.

    Whilst building out machine learning technology for a London based Venture Capital firm, Adam became fascinated with innovative and cutting edge public blockchains and where the technology meets traditional financial infrastructure and products.

    Adam joined Polymath in 2018 to help bring blockchain based financial technology to the market and solve some of the fundamental issues in today’s financial infrastructure. Adam Dossa transitioned from CTO at Polymath to the Polymesh Association in 2022, where he is Head of Blockchain and helps drive forward the Association’s technical agenda and mission.

  • face Graeme Moore Head of Tokenization

    Graeme Moore is the Head of Tokenization at the Polymesh Association. The Polymesh Association is dedicated to the growth and adoption of Polymesh, an institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. He is also an advisory board member of RedSwan, a marketplace for tokenized commercial real estate; and the author of B is for Bitcoin, the first-ever ABC book about Bitcoin. Prior to Polymesh, Graeme has been the creative director at Spartan Race; an associate at Canada’s largest independent investment advisory firm; and an analyst at one of the world’s largest real estate brokerages.

  • face William Vaz–Jones Head of Partnership Development

    William Vaz-Jones is the Head of Partnership Development at the Polymesh Association. His responsibilities include educating, onboarding, as well as developing and managing key partnership relationships.

    Will joined Polymath in early 2019 after over a decade in traditional finance. He excelled in a variety of roles, including as an analyst covering the energy sector. From there he transitioned into various corporate and business development roles at the largest private asset manager in the world, as well as at a Toronto-based hedge fund specializing in alternative assets. During this time Will completed his CFA and ERP.

  • face Robert Gabriel Jakabosky Head of Applied Blockchain Research

    Robert Jakabosky is Head of Applied Blockchain Research at the Polymesh Association. His programming journey began in highschool when he would program using C in his spare time, to be followed by a full-time role as Software Architect for financial company in 1999. It was at AlphaTrade where Robert really got his feet wet in securities markets helping to design the financial information provider’s back-end system with C++ and Java.

    Robert left AlphaTrade in 2007 to focus on his own research projects, specifically into Artificial Neural Networks with Spiking-based models and Virtual World systems. Working as an independent computer consultant for some open-source (Actix-web) and private projects eventually led him to learn Rust, the primary language Polymesh is written in.

    In 2021, Robert started using his highly sought-out Rust skills to build the Polymesh blockchain as Senior Rust Engineer at Polymath before transferring to the Polymesh Association in May 2022.

  • face Francis O’Brien Head of Developer Relations

    Francis O’Brien is the Head of Developer Relations at the Polymesh Association. He became intrigued with the benefits blockchain offers the securities industry in 2017 when Polymath launched its tokenization platform, and quickly became an active member of the Polymath and later Polymesh community.

    Known in the community as “FOB”, Francis has been a key advocate for Polymesh due to his excellent ability to communicate his deep technical understanding of the blockchain. As Head of Developer Relations, Francis now focuses on growing the Polymesh ecosystem by creating educational resources for developers and coordinating the grants program and bug bounties.

    Prior to Polymesh, Francis enjoyed a 17 year career as a product engineer within the highly regulated oil and gas industry after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from Cork Institute of Technology in 2004. He has worked on a range of products for global projects and has been granted multiple patents.

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Key Metrics
  • Price $0.130434
  • 24H Change% +3.06%
  • 24H Spot Volume $11,173,620.71
  • L/H (Today) $0.125860 / $0.131573
  • ATH $0.510093 2022-10-17
  • Market Cap $100,519,654.47
  • Circulating Supply 770,657,280.92
  • Max Supply -
  • L/H (Yesterday) $0.122575 / $0.139234
  • Yesterday's Change -9.46%
  • Yesterday's Volume $8,350,871.03
  • L/H (7D) $0.122575 / $0.150093
  • L/H (30D) $0.124656 / $0.171078
  • L/H (90D) $0.124656 / $0.290269
  • 7D's Volume $33,045,721.98