Cryptos: 16,011
Exchanges: 259
Dominance: BTC: 44.65% ETH: 19.31%
ETH Gas: 29 Gwei
  • Low: 29 Gwei
  • Average: 29 Gwei
  • High: 31 Gwei
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24H Spot Vol: $50,300,874,405.26
24H Derivatives Vol: $91,471,666,548.83
Global Open Interest: $42,087,835,833.37
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Gala (GALA) Live Price and charts Today

1 Gala (GALA) Price Today in USD is $0.030157

Gala (GALA) = $0.030157 USD

Gala (GALA) all-time high (ATH) is $0.719239 USD

The maximum supply of Gala (GALA) is 50,000,000,000.00

Gala (GALA) 24h volume is $48.98 Million(s) USD

Gala (GALA) Market Cap is $724.81 Million(s) USD

$0.030157 +0.94% + $0.00027946
= 0.000001112160 BTC (+0.30%) | = 0.000015949687 ETH (-0.46%)
Low: $0.029550 High: $0.030313
  • Market Cap $724,814,359
  • Fully Diluted Valuation $1,507,859,623
  • 24H Spot Volume $48,978,265
  • 24H Volume / Market Cap 0.07 (-12.50%)
  • Circulating Supply 24,034,543,658 (48.07%)
  • Total Supply 24,027,025,781
  • Max Supply 50,000,000,000
  • Project Start Date 2019 Jul
  • 1H -0.22%
  • 24H +0.94%
  • 7D +0.37%
  • 30D -16.53%
  • 90D -17.53%
  • 180D +19.05%
  • 1 Y -60.59%
  • YTD +78.92%

What is Gala (GALA)

Gala Games is a play-to-earn game development project currently on Ethereum and BNB Chain, building a robust gaming ecosystem that leverages the power of blockchain technology to empower its users. By TokenInsight Research
  • face Eric Schiermeyer Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Eric Schiermeyer is the co-founder of Zynga, the game development company behind the widely-known and most played games in history such as Farmville, Farmville 2, Zynga Poker, and many more. Despite all his success in the industry he never stops bringing something new into the gaming world. In this new era of emerging technologies, Eric with his team founded Gala Games, a gaming platform where you can find and play multiple games for free. This is a totally new kind of technology he is crafting as it will allow players to own the items they will earn from the game and amongst all it uses blockchain which gives players an opportunity to earn rewards by interacting and playing the games inside Gala’s Network.

    According to TechCrunch, after he left Zynga he became an investor and advisor to Bee Cave Games. He is also involved in one of the biggest social media platforms back in the day. He is the co-founder and the CTO of Myspace, the place for people who have passion in music.

  • face Michael McCarthy Co-founder, President

    Michael McCarthy, is Gala Games, President of Games and Lead Developer of Town Star. He was known for his epic RPG games such as Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, which gained the Editors' Choice Award by both IGN and GameZone.

    Michael McCarthy is described as an all around guy according to an article in RPG CODEX. He has worked for Interplay Entertainment as the Lead Animator in 1996 to 1999. Prior to his journey with Zynga as the Director of Creative(2009-2015), he joined Troika Games as the Lead Artist (1999-2003), Director of Development in Massive Black (2005-2006), and later on founded Applied Cinematics LLC (2007-2009).

    During his time with Zynga as the Director of Creative, he has put his heart into his work making Farmville 2 as one of the most played games in history by millions of people around the world. McCarthy with his team in Gala Games is innovating a platform that would bring such a big impact into the Blockchain and crypto space. Concurrently with the making of Town Star and Mirandus, MacCarthy with his team will continuously bring excitement into the gaming world.

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Key Metrics
  • Price $0.030157
  • 24H Change% +0.94%
  • 24H Spot Volume $48,978,265.01
  • L/H (Today) $0.029550 / $0.030313
  • ATH $0.719239 2021-11-26
  • Market Cap $724,814,359.03
  • Circulating Supply 24,034,543,658.39
  • Max Supply 50,000,000,000.00
  • L/H (Yesterday) $0.028909 / $0.030032
  • Yesterday's Change +2.77%
  • Yesterday's Volume $52,840,445.27
  • L/H (7D) $0.028906 / $0.031638
  • L/H (30D) $0.027738 / $0.037676
  • L/H (90D) $0.027738 / $0.050362
  • 7D's Volume $400,868,587.95