Cryptos: 16,025
Exchanges: 259
Dominance: BTC: 44.49% ETH: 19.27%
ETH Gas: 18 Gwei
  • Low: 18 Gwei
  • Average: 18 Gwei
  • High: 18 Gwei
  • Data from Etherscan.
24H Spot Vol: $31,769,723,643.03
24H Derivatives Vol: $81,549,893,839.00
Global Open Interest: $43,338,532,516.50
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Chainlink (LINK) Live Price and charts Today

1 Chainlink (LINK) Price Today in USD is $6.4159

Chainlink (LINK) = $6.4159 USD

Chainlink (LINK) all-time high (ATH) is $51.85 USD

The maximum supply of Chainlink (LINK) is 1,000,000,000.00

Chainlink (LINK) 24h volume is $91.44 Million(s) USD

Chainlink (LINK) Market Cap is $3.32 Billion(s) USD

$6.4159 -1.49% -$0.097355
= 0.000238771668 BTC (+0.01%) | = 0.003417301994 ETH (+0.19%)
Low: $6.3602 High: $6.5360
  • Market Cap $3,317,660,070
  • Fully Diluted Valuation $6,415,896,838
  • 24H Spot Volume $91,442,092
  • 24H Volume / Market Cap 0.03 (+50.00%)
  • Circulating Supply 517,099,971 (51.71%)
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000
  • Max Supply 1,000,000,000
  • Project Start Date 2019 May
  • 1H +0.07%
  • 24H -1.49%
  • 7D -2.93%
  • 30D -9.72%
  • 90D -6.18%
  • 180D -7.12%
  • 1 Y -16.06%
  • YTD +14.07%

What is Chainlink (LINK)

The Chainlink token ($LINK) is an ERC-677 token used as the payment for all services the Chainlink Network provides. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network, which aims to serve as a middleware between smart contracts on smart contracting platforms and external data sources, allowing smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds. By TokenInsight Research
  • face Sergey Nazarov Co-Founder & CEO

    Sergey Nazarov is a Russian entrepreneur, known for co-founding the successful Chainlink and Smart Contract projects. 

    Sergey Nazarov graduated with a degree in business administration from New York University, with a focus on philosophy and administration. His professional career began as a teaching fellow at NYU Stern School of Business. Sergey Nazarov worked as an associate professor alongside Lawrence Lenihan. The latter, besides being a professor, is above all the CEO of the venture capital firm. As an intern for the firm, Sergey participated in the success of a number of investment rounds, including those for Pinterest and Riot Games.

    Sergey Nazarov began his career building peer-to-peer marketplaces, going on to the investment team at FirstMark Capital. He joined the cryptocurrency revolution in 2011, and believes it has the ability to change the way societies distribute wealth, enforce contracts, and share critical information with their citizens.

    In June 2017, Sergey Nazarov, Steve Ellis and Ari Juels signed the whitepaper of Chainlink, and in September the LINK token was distributed with a $32 million ICO.

  • face Steve Ellis Co-Founder & CTO

    Steve Ellis is Co-Founder and CTO at and Chainlink. He was previously a software engineer and team lead at Pivotal Labs, where he worked on securing sensitive HIPAA compliant data and building scalable payments automation software. 

    He's a big fan of Ethereum, Bitcoin and the decentralized future we're all building.

  • face Adelyn Zhou CMO

    Adelyn Zhou is the Chief Marketing Officer at Chainlink Labs. Additionally, Adelyn Zhou has had 2 past jobs including Co-Founder / Head of Marketing at TOPBOTS.

    Adelyn Zhou is a business leader and bestselling author who is passionate about the intersection of marketing, Web3, and the future of work. She has worked with some of the world's top companies and fastest-growing startups on growth, blockchain applications, and applied artificial intelligence. She is recognized as a top influencer by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Wired, Hubspot and many others. 

    She started her career at the Boston Consulting Group and later led growth efforts at Amazon, Nextdoor, and Eventbrite. She is an internationally recognized speaker at conferences such as SXSW, CES, Inbound, and DLD.

  • face Dahlia Malkhi Chief Research Officer

    Dahlia Malkhi is the current Chief Research Officer of Chainlink Labs.

    Malkhi earned her bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, finishing her Ph.D. under the supervision of Danny Dolev. She taught at the Hebrew University until 2004, and then joined Microsoft Research at their Silicon Valley research center. In 2014, when Microsoft closed the center, she moved to VMware, a company working in cloud computing and platform virtualization.

    She became a lead researcher at Novi Financial, a subsidiary of Meta Platforms (Facebook), and the lead maintainer of Meta's Libra cryptocurrency project. Libra later became Diem and Malkhi became chief technology officer at the Diem Association. In 2022, the Diem project shut down, and she moved to Chainlink Labs as their chief research officer.

  • face Mike Derezin COO

    Mike Derezin is the current COO of Chainlink Labs.

    Derezin worked more than a decade at LinkedIn, helped scale two market-leading businesses, Learning Solutions and Sales Solutions. In March 2022 he joined Chainlink and he is now Chief Operating Officer leading Chainlink Labs’ expansion through operational excellence.

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Key Metrics
  • Price $6.4159
  • 24H Change% -1.49%
  • 24H Spot Volume $91,442,091.71
  • L/H (Today) $6.3602 / $6.5360
  • ATH $51.85 2021-05-10
  • Market Cap $3,317,660,070.30
  • Circulating Supply 517,099,971.23
  • Max Supply 1,000,000,000.00
  • L/H (Yesterday) $6.3746 / $6.5368
  • Yesterday's Change +1.21%
  • Yesterday's Volume $70,353,909.48
  • L/H (7D) $6.3343 / $6.6716
  • L/H (30D) $6.2351 / $7.1194
  • L/H (90D) $5.9371 / $8.7473
  • 7D's Volume $667,735,849.47